Joey Scott

  • 8 albums and sellout tours across the U.S. Canada, Europe the U.K. and Japan
  • Hitting the top 100 4 times in the U.S.
  • Hitting 1 on CMJ (radio) (me against the world)
  • Consistently top 5 on metal radio
  • Performing in 4 video's in rotation on MTV and the playboy channel
  • Hosting the Headbangers ball, (MTV-U.S.)
  • (Appearing on MTV-Canada-England-Germany-and Japan
  • Performing (live) in the movie (the decline of the western civilization part 2)
  • Appearing on the (the Decline of the Western Civilization) sound track
  • Appearing on the movie (Black Roses) sound track
  • Releasing a double live album
  • Revered in (billboard magazine)
  • Full length live video (Lizzy Borden Live)
  • Special guest to Alice cooper at the reading festival in London, (50,000) people
  • 2 on the P.M.R.C hit list as the most dangerous band in the world.
  • Guest on the Jesse Jackson show (pilot episode)
  • Guest on CNN
  • Appearing in and on the cover of magazine's such as (Circus, Hit Parader, Metal Edge, the Star, Creem, Burrn, Metal Hammer and countless others.
  • Performed at Wacken and Bang Your Head Festivals

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